We would like to introduce you to the future of road safety. We specialise in a range of high end bags for outdoor activities including cycling, walking, running and hill climbing etc. These bags come with LED bright lighting ensuring you can be seen by oncoming traffic. We find ourselves today having to share road space with more and more vehicles so its very important that YOU stay visible seen and safe, and that’s where FLASHPACK comes alive!

The LED revolutionary system displays bright visible navigation signs (left turn, forward, right turn, stop/danger) to inform other road users of lane changes/roundabout intentions etc. The LED panel is controlled by a wireless remote control that can be placed on a handlebar along side your bell and speedometer enabling the user to alert a signal to other road users within the vicinity of a direction change and empowering you to be seen.

  • Flashpack is a revolutionary backpack with integrated indicator light LED display!
  • Flashpack is the latest in safety technology when it comes to visibility. We supply a wide range of LED  Helmets, Backpacks, Warning Backpacks, Saddle Bags, Attachments and Vests!
  • We have something to suit every kind of activity from cycling, walking to running and hill climbing but in truth there are many more adaptions for the devices.
  • With directional arrows attached to the handle bars you can turn with confidence knowing that the big bright LED DISPLAY HAS YOUR BACK COVERED!
  • Our wireless range of products are fully rechargeable (Up to 20 hrs between charges) so you are never looking for replacement batteries, USB portal allows for easy charging.
  • These products are made from water resistant nylon fabric material (WATERPROOF). It provides strength and long-lasting performance.
  • Wireless control panel has also visible BACK LIGHTING display for a more user friendly experience with easy clip on/off capability.
  • Wide range of bags to suit all requirements from 18 litre back packs to laptop bags and many more available now online with next day delivery or collection from our depot.
Think safety, think Flashpack!